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What To Do In A Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies in Houston are those moments where it’s best to be seen by a dentist sooner rather than later. While dental issues may not seem all that serious, in some cases, ignoring your symptoms may increase your risk for serious complications and even permanent tooth loss. And sometimes, dental emergencies can even be life-threatening.
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Foods To Avoid Before and After a Cosmetic Dental Procedure

If you have overall good oral health but are bothered by the appearance of your teeth, then cosmetic dentistry in Houston may be the right answer for you. With the right treatment, you can get a brighter, straighter, and more beautiful smile.  If you’ve already booked your appointment, you may wonder if there’s anything you
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4 Ways to Keep Your Dental Bonding in Good Condition

Dental bonding is a popular way to restore a tooth. It’s a non-invasive procedure used at EaDo Family Dental by our Houston dentist to address many dental issues: Closing gaps between teeth Addressing stains Changing the size or shape of a tooth Fixing a chip or crack The procedure involves applying a special resin to
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How Much Does Dental Bonding Cost?

Dental bonding is a common type of cosmetic dental procedure usually done to correct minor cosmetic issues or damage to a tooth, such as: Chips Cracks Gaps between teeth Misshapen teeth Irregularly seize teeth, etc. The treatment involves applying a composite bonding material to the tooth and shaping it in order to achieve the desired
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Do You Have To Brush Veneers?

When it comes to having beautiful smiles and restoring the beauty of your smile, dental veneers in Houston can go a long way.  But how should you take care of your veneers? Do you have to brush them just like your regular teeth? Absolutely yes. Brushing your veneers is as important as brushing your teeth. And,
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Can You Whiten Veneers?

Veneers in Houston are a very popular type of cosmetic dental procedure that can almost instantly upgrade your smile. People can enjoy their veneers for as long as 20 years with the right care. However, it’s important to note that veneers are not indestructible, and you will need to maintain good oral habits to ensure
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How Long Do Veneers Last?

Do you want to improve the appearance of your teeth? Then dental veneers can be a great way to enhance your smile. These thin shells are made to fit perfectly over your teeth and mask various imperfections, such as gaps, crooked teeth, or severely stained teeth. If you are considering Houston veneers and know this
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Bleeding After Dental Implants: What’s Normal?

Dental implants are a popular procedure designed to replace missing teeth. Because of the design of the procedure, dental implants will restore both the look and function of your smile. However, if you are considering getting dental implants in Houston, you likely have a lot of concerns about the care post-procedure, especially since you are
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Dental Implant Timeline: What To Expect

Certain procedures, like root canals or fillings and crowns, are pretty straightforward. But, when it comes to more complex dental treatments, you may not know what to expect. Such can be the case with dental implants. If you are considering dental implants, but are not sure how long the treatment will take, then this article
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A Note From Our Dentists.

“Personally it's fulfilling when I can build a connection with each patient or help children and adults feel good about their experience at the dentist.”

Dr. Williams

“It’s rewarding in general to meet new people and help them. Dentistry directly affects their lives and smiles in their everyday life.”

Dr. Ma