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Dental Fillings in Houston

Your Smile Should Last a Lifetime

“Fantastic service. I got my teeth cleaned for a regular appointment then came back to fix a cavity. Saw Dr. Williams and she’s just tremendous. I was sort of nervous and she was very calming and explained every single thing I wanted her to and it was the best experience I could have had there. That said, I’ll be taking better care of my teeth to avoid future cavities now!”


Restorative Dental Care With Fillings

Our conservative care restores the strength and function of your teeth.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings can be made of multiple materials such as silver amalgam or tooth-colored composite resin, which resembles the pearly white color of your natural teeth. When used to fill a cavity or prevent new cavities from forming, your dental filling seals the affected area with a strong protective layer that blocks harmful bacteria or decay. After placement, a dental filling can last several years and is a popular form of restorative dental care. Regular checkups and maintaining a healthy dental hygiene routine is still highly recommended to keep teeth feeling healthy between appointments. Call (713) 474-2334 to schedule your appointment today!





Why Are Dental Fillings Important?

A visit from the tooth fairy after we’ve lost all of our baby teeth is, sadly, no longer a pleasant experience. Although we do our best at home to brush twice a day and remember to floss, tooth decay and cavities still happen to the best of us at all stages in our lives. At our office in EaDo, we work diligently at each of your cleanings or exams to assess and remove signs of tooth decay, provide useful patient education, and treat small dental issues before they become a big deal! Tooth decay is the leading chronic disease in children and adults today, but with dental fillings and crowns teeth can stay better protected from decay to stay healthy and strong for longer.

Does it Hurt?

If a patient learns that they have a cavity or root canal, it’s easy to feel nervous or confused about what to expect next. At EaDo, our dentists in Houston, TX focus on protecting the teeth with conservative and preventive methods to reduce the amount of cavities or root canals and prevent risks of gum disease or tooth decay. But when a cavity or root canal does occur, we believe in removing signs of pain and guiding patients through the process. Whether you have a cavity, root canal or need a dental implant, our dedication to conservative care means only recommending treatments that are necessary and feel gentle and painless. No matter what your dental needs may be our team at EaDo Family Dental is committed to caring for you in a relaxing and warm environment.

A Note From Our Dentists.

“Personally it's fulfilling when I can build a connection with each patient or help children and adults feel good about their experience at the dentist.”

Dr. Williams

“It’s rewarding in general to meet new people and help them. Dentistry directly affects their lives and smiles in their everyday life.”

Dr. Ma