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Why Do People Get Toothaches on Airplanes?

Cabin Pressure & Dental Fillings

Cabin pressure on an airplane is the reason for popping ears and other minor discomforts, but painful toothaches can also occur. If you experience toothaches when you travel on an airplane, here’s what you need to know about its causes and solutions:

Air Trapped in a Filling

If you have had a cavity filled in the past and you notice pain in the tooth at high altitudes, it could be because air has become trapped in the filling. When air gets stuck between your filling and your natural tooth, the rapid change in cabin pressure causes discomfort and pain. While chewing gum and equalizing can help in other circumstances, air trapped in fillings cannot be remedied the same way.  

This can happen if your dental work did not completely fill your cavity. Also, older fillings can have microscopic gaps or holes that develop over time and lead to the same trapped air. If you’ve had a toothache on an airplane recently, call EaDo Family Dental to get the treatment you need before your next flight!

How EaDo Family Dental Can Help

Whether you had a painful experience on an airplane or you’re looking forward to a trip and you want to be sure that your fillings won’t cause any trouble, our team is here to help! During every oral exam, we will check on any dental fillings you have to make sure they are in good condition, and if you’ve had a toothache on an airplane, we will help determine whether your filling needs to be replaced. You’re in good hands at EaDo Family Dental, and we do our best to ensure that every patient enjoys optimal dental health.

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Getting ready for a vacation? Tired of experiencing painful in-flight toothaches? Schedule a consultation at EaDo Family Dental to get back to optimal health so you can enjoy every trip. You can reach our team at (713) 474-2334 or stop by our office in Houston at 2240 Navigation Blvd., Suite 300.

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