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Our Top 5 Tips For Protecting Your Smile When You Can’t See The Dentist

Because of the COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown, many Texans are unable to see the dentist, even for emergencies. So what can you do to make sure that you keep your smile healthy and strong when you can’t see a dentist like Dr. Bianca Williams or Dr. John Ma? Here are a few top tips from EaDo Family Dental that you can follow to maintain a healthy mouth and protect your smile.

Brush At Least Twice Per Day For Two Minutes

Brushing once in the morning when you wake up and once at night before you go to bed is the best way to keep your smile healthy. Use a fluoridated toothpaste and brush for at least two minutes, cleaning the inside, outside, and tops of each of your teeth.

Got some extra time on your hands? Consider boosting your brushing routine to 3 times per day. To maximize the bacteria and food particles you remove, you can brush after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner or right before you go to bed.

Floss Once Per Day & Use Proper Technique

Flossing removes the 40% of bacteria and food debris that brushing alone can’t remove. Make sure you floss at least once per day, and use the proper technique to remove debris from between each one of your teeth and your gum line. 

Need a refresher on proper flossing technique? This video guide discusses top “dos” and “don’ts” for flossing your teeth. Take a look, and make sure you’re brushing properly.

Avoid Chewing Hard Foods Or Non-Food Objects With Your Front Teeth

This applies to all patients, but especially those with veneers or dental bonding on their front teeth. Since you may not be able to see the dentist for a while, you need to avoid chipping or dislodging your dental work, or chipping your tooth. 

So don’t chew hard foods like ice or almonds with your front teeth, and avoid chewing any non-food objects like fingernails, pens, or pencils. Doing so will ensure you avoid tooth damage.

Don’t Eat Gummy Foods That Could Pull Out Fillings Or Crowns

Pulled-out crowns and fillings are a common dental emergency. How can you avoid them? It’s usually a good idea to avoid chewing extremely gummy and chewy foods with your dental work, such as:

  • Taffy
  • Gummy candies (worms, bears, etc.)
  • Caramel
  • Chewing gum
  • Dried or candied fruits

Avoid Risky Behavior, Such As Using Your Teeth As Tools

Finally, you should be careful to avoid any situation that may damage your teeth, including using your teeth as tools. 

Using your teeth to do things like help tear tape, open a package or plastic bag, or for any other non-chewing purpose can damage them if you’re not careful. Your teeth were not designed for these tasks, so they’re dangerous and risky. Use the right tools for these kinds of jobs, and don’t use your teeth.

Follow These Tips For A Healthy Smile When You Can’t See The Dentist!

If you can’t see the dentist, it’s very important to maintain proper oral hygiene and avoid things that could damage your teeth or dental work. 

So follow the above tips from EaDo Family Dental, and make sure you keep your smile healthy until you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Bianca Williams or Dr. John Ma. Stay safe, and make sure you care for your teeth properly until you can see the dentist again! 

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