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Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club: What’s the Difference?

Align Technology revolutionized the orthodontics market in 1997 with a highly efficient alternative to braces. That year, they rolled out a product called Invisalign, a tooth-straightening device without metal or clear plastic braces. The concept of invisible braces was soon copied by other brands, but most customers stuck with Invisalign. 

Today, Align helps other companies develop their dental products. They make trays for Smile Direct Club, whose DIY option allows patients to straighten their teeth without visiting a dentist. When comparing Smile Direct Club with Invisalign, which aligner would make a better fit for you? Let’s see what our EaDo Family Dental experts have to say about it.

Why Pick an Aligner Over Traditional Braces

Smile Direct Club and Invisalign are certainly comparable options to have a straight smile. However, before we start talking about their differences and similarities, you need to know the difference between aligners and traditional braces.

Traditional braces are made up of two metal brackets that attach to the teeth. They are then tightened in an attempt to correct the patient’s bite and straighten their teeth. Clear aligners work differently. You put them over your teeth without any attachments. Then, they gradually move them into their new position.

A recent study from BMC discovered that when it comes to shifting the position of patients’ teeth, both traditional braces and aligners are highly effective. However, clear aligners are better at segmented tooth movement, plus, they can straighten your teeth in less time. 

How Long Do You Need to Wear Invisible Braces?

If you opt for invisible braces, for how long do you need to wear them? Every dental treatment is different. However, Smile Direct Club users have the option of wearing aligners 22 hours a day or using Nighttime Aligners that only need to be worn 10 continuous hours per night.

Traditional braces treatment is more effective on children, whose teeth and jawbones are still growing. The process is slower for adults and can last up to 24 months. Night-time aligners are even better at straightening teeth for people of all ages and will usually last 10 months.

Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club: How They Work

Before you start your treatment, you’re advised to visit one of our dental specialists at EaDo Family Dental, so they can come up with a correction plan. Newer technology allows dentists to scan your teeth and create 3-D digital models. You’ll need to come back to your dentist for a fitting, before finally receiving your Invisalign braces. 

Conversely, Smile Direct Club doesn’t require you to go to the dentist. You just need to go into one of the SmileShops for a free scan or purchase an impression kit. Once your provider sets out a treatment plan, the manufacturer designs and makes your aligner. The device is worn daily, while your smile gradually becomes straighter.

Invisalign Treatment

After doing digital scans, your dental professional will come up with a treatment plan, but first, they will evaluate whether Invisalign treatment in Houston is ideal for you by considering factors like:

  • How old are you
  • How severe your case is
  • What’s your dental and medical history
  • How often do you visit the dentist
  • How committed to the treatment are you

When the plan is in place, you will get your Invisalign device. You will then come back in for regular dental check ups to make sure that everything is progressing appropriately.

Smile Direct Club Treatment

First, you have an in-person scan done at a SmileShop location. There are also options to create an impression of your teeth with an at-home kit. But opting for Smile Direct Club will not take the dentist out of the equation completely. However, it will allow you to do it online. 

To determine the best course of treatment, your doctor will conduct a complete medical assessment of your digital medical records. To monitor your progress, you’ll have regular check-ins with a dentist.

During the treatment, you’ll have to:

  • Log into your account for a check-up
  • Schedule virtual visits and real-time chats
  • Talk to your dental team through video chats

Choosing Aligners: Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club

When selecting aligners, your choice comes down to your needs. SmileDirectClub is a much more cost-effective solution. If you’re working on a modest budget, it’s a no-brainer.

But if you’re looking for the best clear aligner on the market, you should pick Invisalign. It may require you to visit your doctor regularly, but that won’t hurt either.If you want to talk more about clear braces, get in touch with us, and have a chat with Dr. Bianca Williams & Dr. John Ma. You can contact EaDo Family Dental online or at (713) 474-2334.  

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